Sakti Agro - Premium coco-peat manufacturing company ** 
** Site is for reference purposes only. Following portfolio divestment, corporate responsibility transitioned from VC oversight to the in-house team and no longer is reflective of work done.
This project came through our venture capital client. In preparation for a preeminent international agricultural show, we were tasked with rebranding the entity, designing a booth, wearables, provide necessary card capture capabilities to executives and author a presentation for the international stakeholders....all in three weeks! It's important to note coordination took place internationally, with vendor logistics spanning four separate countries. The booth featured lush synthetic turf and a 15ft coconut palm! 
The booth and presentation earned the company accolades for its conscious capital approach to business, its focus on delivering a clean and consistent batch process and resulted in its first export sales totaling over 6-figures. 
Following the conference's success we went on to help the company across a number of other ventures, including (but not limited to) gaining Sri Lankan BIO export certification (provides desirable tax incentives) and aligned the company with its first two strategic partners in the US.
Below you'll find snapshots of the booth materials and wearables developed specifically for the international agricultural show..... 
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