Andy commands over twenty years of professional experience in developing business solutions that capitalize on the latest technologies. His range of expertise is broad: With proficiency across the technical as well as the creative realm, Andy provides the knowledge and support to position -- and subsequently build -- the most appropriate solution required for the project. His belief is that skillful, thorough design, blended with creativity should be the foundation of all working processes. The end result are solutions that are eye-catching as well as highly functional.

The level of insight Andy lends to any project is truly unique. Able to meld the highly disparate worlds of creative and technical, Andy brings a robust level of business acumen that offers a myriad of functional benefit to clients, regardless of their respective industry. From leading professional courses around technical applications, to hardware and software systems design, hands-on coding of web- based systems, highly intricate e-commerce integrations, as well as industrial design of packaged goods.
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