Fortune luxury cannabis pre-rolls + vape
This project came through our venture capital client. We were directly responsible for every aspect of the luxury cannabis brand from the aesthetics, design, industrial packaging, materials procurement, printing, marketing, sponsored event production, and fulfillment, inclusive of assembly line training. 
Developed for the Oregon adult-use market that came into effect in late 2016, Fortune was one of the first adult-use cannabis brands to be presented -- and pass! --  the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) standards. (OLCC is the formal regulatory body responsible for all adult-use cannabis licensing in Oregon and has a reputation of being the most stringent in the US in terms of oversight.)  
First luxury brand of its kind, Fortune made its mark quickly in the fledging Oregon adult-use market. The brand was one of the first to feature a 24-carat gold joint and to experiment with "blends" whereby more than one strain of proprietary genetics were used to deliver a targeted effect. While luxury was certainly a driving factor when developing the brand, so too was quality, convenience, and consistency. Once state licensure was formally granted, the brand made its debut in 2017 landing several distribution agreements across Oregon where it became a favorite amongst the top-tier dispensaries state-wide. Since high quality and consistency were newer concepts to Oregon's adult-use market, Fortune gained a cult like following amongst cannabis "cannasseurs", for its packaging "extras" -- namely the glass 'doob tube' and the pack of branded matches -- the premium (at times proprietary) genetic strains as well as the select, clean-burning filter paper used, etc. 
The associated vape cartridges followed, and made their mark as the brand secured an exclusive agreement with a preeminent vape cartridge manufacturer in hopes of combating the less than stellar track record (at the time) of failing cartridges. The oil used was also deemed "superior" as it was processed by/through another company making significant waves in the post-processing industry, Vanguard Scientific
Fortune marked the first of the success stories leading to two near back-to-back acquisitions of the brand portfolio in 2018/19, the latest owner being Constellation Brands. 
Below are a few samples of the digital, print, packaging and social collateral developed for the brand.....
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