Dana Farber Master Class
Named the top cancer treatment centers in the world, Dana–Farber Cancer Institute is a comprehensive cancer treatment and research institution located in Boston, MA. Part of Harvard's Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute, and one of the 15 clinical affiliates and research institutes of Harvard Medical School.
Working with the team since the program's inception, we are directly responsible for the brand development and implementation of their accredited e-learning platform for medical professionals, the Dana-Farber Master Class. In response to the pandemic the functionality continues to expand, now inclusive of "endurance learning" protocols and online accreditation exams for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits in addition to their in-person conference. 
Below is a break out of both the forward-facing and backend functionality of the e-learning platform......
E-commerce built in
The e-commerce portion of the site allowed new and previous attendees to purchase activities while ensuring they did not purchase a competing product. 
Developing a careful user experience ensured that the visitor was not presented with information that related to their cart such as displaying important notification messages regarding the COVID-19 guidelines for in-person events - or presenting the visitor with a custom saving option for choosing an electronic version of the itinerary vs having a printed version mailed to them when attending the live-stream course.
These small details matter and we take great care to test all eventualities.
Account Page
Each member has their own account that gives them access to not only the current year's activities but also their previous event purchases.
From their account page they can access all details relating to an event purchase including streaming video's, taking evaluations and assessments and downloading certificates.

Taking care of the empty state!
We are firm believers in not allowing empty states to be forgotten. So if the visitor has not purchased an activity for the upcoming events they will see this right on their own member homepage with a CTA to view and subsequently purchase a ticket.
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